Solutions for business

We offer complete solutions for  companies  plannig to improve their internal information flow. Our offer include:
  • researching costumer needs
  • preparing documentation
  • making actual application
  • introducing application to costumer company
  • supplying stable server platform

Applications  prepared in our company are usually CRM's (Customer Relationship Management), solutions for   flow of documents and employee cooperation or for sales and production control system. Please take a look at examples shown in Applications bookmark.

Web Pages

We offer complete solution for customers interested in building they web page. We organize all stages of developing web site from domain registration to runing web server and installing actual page.
Our web pages are based on modern and constantly improved CMS (Content Management System), which allowes to change content of page by customer itself and in any time.
We have excellent tools and huge experience  and we can develop virtually any type of web page, from small company web page up tu big multi-language portals based on Web 2.0 technology.  Please take a look at examples shown in Web Pages bookmark.


We offer server space for our projects.

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